Thursday, June 9, 2011

Herman's Brudder

Mai mom went outside wit me 2day. She's been gittin' home urly b'coz regler skool iz ober & now the li'l kitteh pipples haz summer skool. So we went outside 2gedder b'coz da hows was hot. She tol' me a mn wuz coming 2 fix da hows cooler. So Ai chill under a patio cher.
Uh oh! Herman is out der. He calld me ober. Sez he gots sumbuddy fur me 2 meet. Here he iz on da udder side of da pool. He a tiny Herman!

"Dat's mai brudder Sherman," he tell me.
 "He kinda cute!" I say. "Wunner w'at he tays like?"

 Den Sherman scream, "AGH! CAT!" and he jump in da pool.

Da reeel rain came and me & mom went inside. Herman sat out in da rain singing frog songs.

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