Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom's Home!

Ai missed mai mom, alfo mai pet gurl was here. She and Poppa went 2 see tha uddder grate grandmom in Florida fur sumfink called "Fanksgibbing." Ai unner stand hyoomins has mai favrit food on that day: TURKEY! I wunner if they has Friskies in teh can. Hmmm. Gurl givved me sum extra turkey flava catfood fur Fanksgibbing. So nice! Mai gurl was finking abot me! Ai will let her brush mai fur fur that!

Enyway, Ai'm glad mom is home but she had teh faint oder of small goggies on her. Ai fink Poppa iz coming later. Grate! Ai stays owtside lonegr when Poppa iz home & we gets 2 talk abowt teh evil skwurls and teh meen jays. Poppa won't let them hurt me fur shur.

1 comment:

  1. We're glad your Mum is home safely. We think the proper name for the holiday should be "Fangsgiving" because we are most willing to consider placing our fangs into the turkey.