Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mai Latest Videos: Ai Liek to Go Owt....& in.....&Owt...&in...&Owt...&In

6:45AM... Please Lemme in Mom!

7:00AM... Ai Gotta Go Bak Owt Der Mom!...Ai think...


  1. Hello there Mr Bob! Me and my cat Charlie came over from Rumpydog to visit your sweet blog! We love the sound of your little purrs! Awwww we hope mum and dad came out with you to keep you company in the great outdoors! Take care

  2. Oh Mr. Bob Buttons! How come the people just don't get that they just need to leave the doors OPEN?

    We found you from Rumpy Dog's blog! We love your blog, and think you look very much like ME (Abby Normal!)

  3. Bob likes best to go outside with Poppa but the reason we can't keep the door open when Poppa's not home is not just because of the south Louisiana weather but because one day Bob found a friend called Mr. No-Legs. Pet Gurl and I were balanced on the sofa and love seat as they played a game of chase. We called Mrs. Acsie (Animal Control) to remove the 6ft possible cotton-mouth from under the sofa.