Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr. Tubbs' Visit

Mr. Tubbs wuz out dis moarning wen Ai went fur mai moarning poop. I meetz him b4 n da cold days.

"Hey!" I say, "Dis ain't yer yard, dood!"

"Ai kno," he say. "Ai jus' wunnering bout da noyz n yer pool ober her. Mekking shur ur alrite."

He nebber kerred b4, so why he come ober her now? Ai kno he kno mai fren Herman. He gotz wet paws an likking dem wile he purr n murmur, "Mmmmm, frog soup!"

Herman is smiling in da middle of da pool, sitting on da pump. Mr. Tubbs can't reeches either! MOL!

"Ai tink iz time 4 u 2 go, Tubbs," Ai say.

Den Mom comes out and Mr. Tubbs run away. YAY, Mom!

Herman iz MAI snack--Ai meenz, fren!

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