Monday, May 9, 2011

Herman's Back

Ai did not c Herman 4 a few days. I drank some pond water & Pop tried 2 stop me. But it tastes so gud! Betta dan water in mai bowl. Betta dan water in da baffroom sink. Tastes like....FROG! I throwed up tho.

It got warmer outside & Herman was back in his yooshul spot sitting on sumpn in da middle of da pond.
It's so hot 2day dat he mite b out der singin his li'l froggie song again. Wish does skurls would come down & have a li' drink. Wish I had a skurl suit to sneak up on dem! If u dont know, skurls is really evil. Dey talk nasty from up in da trees. Yah! Cowards! Come down here on da grownd n say dat stuff!

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