Saturday, July 2, 2011

Urlee Start

If u wants 2 kno how 2 wake a human, put meows in der face. Pull off da cubbers. Rubs da wet noes on der skin. Walk acros dem a bit. Run acros der stomik. Pull on der hairs n if dat don't wurk, den sit on der head. If dey stop snoring den der pretinnin 2 b sleep. Put a paw on der face and meow "Ai kno u iz awake! Git up & make breffiss! Mai stomik needs da noms! Itz a mergensee!"

Moms sez Ai wuz too urly. Ai tried 2 git her up @ free-sumpn' nstedda five A.M. she sez. Ai dinks Ai wuz rite on time cuz mai stomik sez so n it haz a clok n it. Enywayz, it wuz hard 2 git Mom awakes until Ai sat on her hed. Itz a xtreem megensee when Ai haz 2 sit on he hed.

Den she got up and givved me da noms. Poppa sed she givved me da noms. But Ai say Poppa givved me da noms. I dunno. Ai jus kno Ai gots da noms n went outside wit Poppa & mai stomik wuz quiet agin..


  1. Bob, your stomach clock has been a bit off the last few days. You started trying to get me up at 3:45 AM. I fed you at 4 and Poppa fed you again when he got up. When Poppa's home you always try to eat twice when one of us is not in the room.

  2. Oh, and let's not even mention when Gurl is home. Double noms and rubs you get!